Diamonds in the rough.

Have you ever wanted to change cities? maybe move to an island where no one knows you, magically start a life, with yourself, by yourself? Lol… I don’t even know why I asked that, probably cause I might not be the only one who thinks about shutting out everyone I know and love often.

Diamonds are very fascinating substances. They have no color, yet so desirable. The earth conjures them to its surface by volcanic eruptions, because it’s created deep within the earths core. Some jewelry today are made of diamonds that are millions of years old!

Thinking about a diamond reminds me of friendship sometimes. Strangely enough, some attributes of a diamond can be related to good friends. Diamonds are desirable, they are timeless, their complexities cannot be duplicated, no two diamonds are the same. All listed can be attributed to friends.

Often times, the question I asked at…

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